Well here we are, another year, to look back upon

and realize the many Blessings He has given us this past year.

Last year as Eve looked at our Christmas tree

she told me that there was no star on top,

so she made a home made Paper Star

and put it on the tree herself..

It was the brightest star we have had in years. 

Tony showing Ryan the small train - Christmas layout.

Samantha giving Eve instructions.

As I looked back at some of the pictures

and was thinking of the Birth of Our Lord,

it came to me that He has given us undying LOVE.

Much like a dog, it entered my mind

that if you give a dog even a little attention and love,

he will return it in multitudes.

Always there to show you how much he cares about you..

Then it came to me that if you spell dog backwards it spells God.

And it is so similar in that if you give God

just a little of your attention and Love he returns it in multitudes.

I will try to ramble through the year of 2006

with it's many blessings.

We start the Years Journey with January and the many birthdays.



First comes the Sweet Sixteen birthday of Samantha on 4 January.

We were lucky enough to be able to celebrate this milestone with her.


Then it was Maria's birthday on the same day as Ambrose's birthday on the 6th January..

I am not allowed to talk of which number in the case of Maria.

Ambrose was born in 2000 making him the BIG "6"

And on10 January we celebrated Tony's birthday.

And being born in 1988 would have been number 18.

The Crew at the Golden Coral Sang the Birthday Song for Nicholas

Celebrating with him and Ambrose are Loretta, Larry, Barbara, Wayne

Steve, Sherry, Angela, Eve, and Ryan. We had a great time.


We left for Kansas to be there to celebrate Ambrose and Nicholas' birthdays,

Ambrose's a little late but Nicholas' on the19th January.

We also celebrated a belated Christmas with the boys.

We stayed at the Marriott's Residence Inn in Olathe.

The boys spent the week ends with us at the Motel,

and for the last week end Angie, Eve and Ryan joined us

in the celebration, Angie stayed another day to spend

some quality time with Steve, Sherry and family by themselves.

I went to several of Nicks Tournament Soccer games during our stay.

It is always a pleasure to watch him play, he always gives it all that he has.

Of course to be able to watch Ambrose swim is exciting as he has no fear of water.. 

On the way back we stopped by to visit with our good friends the Snook's,

we had a great visit and some very good food.


The entire Swim team with Managers


The Senior Boys and Senior Managers


A Celebration well earned.

Tony and his Swim team finished out the season on top,

winning their third Eastern Wisconsin Conference title.

Click HERE for more EWC


Drusilla even came to Cheer Tony on at State.

Proud Mom and Dad

Dru are you standing in a hole?

That is Samantha standing next to Dru at the State Swim competition.

Samantha was one of the Managers during '05 / '06 Season.

The Swim team went to State with swimmers qualifying in every event.

Tony ended up with two metals.

Way to go Tony.

More State pictures click HERE

Oh I forgot to mention that Grampa Wayne walked away

with the MVP award for the entire past four years.

That would be an acronym for Most Valuable Photographer.

Each member of the swim team ended up with about

Seven thousand pictures of the Swim Season

on three DVD's 14.1 giga bytes of data.

More Banquet pictures click HERE


How do I start this "Race Car"

A great day at the Auto Museum with Gramps

Click HERE to see the Crew

Angie went to Vegas with the neighborhood ladies,

Gramps came down to spoil Eve and Ryan while she was gone.

John took us to a really kool car museum

along with one of the other "bachelor" fathers.

We had a really great time.



In April Brandon got to come home and do Recruiters Assistant duty for thirty days

We did get together and have some fun. This picture was taken at China Kitchen.

Back row: Maria, Rod & Ryan, Corrie, Angie, Barb, Tony & Leah

Front Row: Wayne, Charlie Brown & Samantha, Brandon, Eve and Alex


Brandon and Tony


And then they came home and played "Texas hold 'em"


Here we go, one of the favorite places to have fun



Brandon, This time Samie got you good.


Our Good Friend Phil Damico, having fun with the "Racers"


Phil and the Dash's - Never a dull moment..


Brandon sure did stretch out or should I say "UP".


For a detail in pictures Click HERE


OK we are now to about June - I am sure I already missed

a lot of things.


Grandma Barb getting it just right


What a wonderful day, Leah and Tony ready for the Prom


A Charlie and Samantha ready for a fun filled evening


The Pride shows and rightful so, There are four great folks standing in front of you.

To access the 2006 Prom pictures click HERE


Mothers day was a tough day for Barb, Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

she spent most of the day in bed but had lots of Grand kids around to cheer her.

Maria and Angie were there to give their Mom support.

Mother's day pictures click HERE


Charlie and Samantha were kept busy doing Gymnastics with Eve and Ryan

Along with being there for Grandma Barb during these trying times.


The Tulip's Bloomed

Raspberries ripened, Barb's favorite.


The Orioles came back to sing their beautiful song


And Lilacs filled the air with their familiar smells


While Mr. Woodpecker enjoyed the Orange cake dough.


And Old Glory flew Proudly over our land..


Ms "B" and Samantha always with a smile


A new herb garden, fountain and Canopy - Thanks to Steve and Sherry

Barb and Maria would spend many morning coffees under the canopy.


Tony's signature sun glasses marching in the Memorial Day Parade in Kiel.

Samantha proudly carrying the banner for the Kiel Band.

To check out the rest of the pictures from memorial day

Click HERE.


And next was Graduation for Tony.

Charlie and Tony - "We Made it!"


Momma Dash and Daddy Dash looking quite proud.



Samantha is proud of her brother too... Two more years and it is your turn Samie....

For complete pictures Click HERE.




Nothing more to say.


OK so it may not look like a cake - but it is a cake.

Auntie Angie and her creative mind. Kiel High School - a small book in comparison

to the College Chemistry book as a prelude to Pre Med at Steven's Point

and of course the class song "Imagine by Lennon"



Grandma Barb and Tony


And here are Steve, Sherry, Nicholas, and Ambrose.

We were blessed to have them for a full week

and fortunate enough to be here for Tony's Grad Party

as well as Grandma Barb's Birthday and the 4th of July.


Click HERE and see the rest of the party pictures.



Next was Charlie's party - What a wonderful location, everyone had a great time




Lots of good wishes. Ambrose, Nicholas, Eve, Ryan, Corry, Alex, Brandon, Samie

Tony, Chris, Angie, John, Gramps, Maria and Rod & Grampa Wayne

See all of Charlie's party click HERE


Together again - All of our family enjoying a July day.


Shed is finished now what am I going to build today?

All of the shed pictures click HERE


Here they all are in the same place at the same time


And we got them to smile all at the same time.. Thanks Charlie for taking the pictures.


Here we are... We've come a long way "Baby"

To see all the pictures click HERE


Back to the Karts, we kind of took over the entire park.


Looks like everyone is having fun.

Come on how do I start this thing?

Click HERE for all the Kart pictures.


Auntie Ria snuggling with Ambrose.


Barb enjoying the Moon roof on her new car.

Click HERE for all new car pictures


And Brandon enjoying her old car.


Brandon and Gramps went to the EAA before Brandon had to leave we were

Joined by Uncle John, Auntie Angie, Ryan, Eve and Alex.


Sharon (the Angel Lady) Brandon and Vernon Anderson

we stopped on our way to Palm Springs, California.

Free time is over - Brandon - at the Motel in Palm Springs.

Click HERE to see our trip.


Maria Paints and does a most appreciated and beautiful job.

Maria painted most of the lower level including

the Bathroom, the dinning area, and Barbs bedroom.

Maria's wondrous painting go HERE.. Thanks Maria


It was a "Camping" Theme this year for Woodridge Birthdays.

Every one had a wonderful time and plenty of food and drink


Alex was one of the workers at the party helping getting Name tags

and doing crafts with the other children.

Click HERE for the web site of the party.



Gram happy after a make up session to have eyebrows and eye lashes.

Looks Great Gram.. You are the MOST.



My goodness where has the time gone to? 50th? I must be in the wrong place.


Samantha was a Diver on the Kiel Swimming and Diving Team

I enjoyed every meet that I could attend, Keep up the great work Samie.

Along with the fantastic grades, good luck on the National honor roll.




Tony is on the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Swim team




What is this Samie? What is this kids name? It was tough but a real test to

commitment, she drew the bionic baby on the week end she went to visit

Tony at college. She did an excellent job of taking care of her duties.

Charlie looks really happy with this baby thingy..


College life, Tony trying to get up and moving.



Angie paint this great mural on a wall in our home

To see ATHOMEARTISTRY.COM Angie's Web Site click HERE




Ambrose is busy learning the skills of Soccer. He is also Active in Scouts

selling popcorn to help our the troop in the finances.

I asked Ambrose to draw me a picture, he asked about what?

I told him to draw me a picture of something he was studying in school

This is a picture of the assassination of President Lincoln.


Nicholas is always busy with a full schedule of Soccer, from playing to officiating

Mowing the lawn and attending space camp. This was he second year of training



Grampa attended Astronaut Training in September, it was one of the GREATEST gifts

I ever got from my children. From centrifuge to flying the shuttle, to sitting in an

Apollo Capsule to the Soyuz ship, we even launched our own Rockets.

Thanks just don't seem like enough to say.


Eve and Ryan wanted to go to the Moon with Gramps so we dressed them for the trip.


A beautiful December snow made everything look like a winter wonderland.


And the Deer come to visit almost every day. This day there were 12 deer

with two bucks looking for food after the snow fall.


Gramps has been going to Mequon to be with Alex

when Chris' job takes him out of town.,


Word has it there will be a wedding in Spring. Kristin accepted a proposal to

share each others lives for the rest of their Life. Congratulations.


Barb bought a new Manger figures so Gramps built a new stable to display them


OK we are now to about December

 Barb has completed her treatment for Cancer

She and Maria went to spend the week end in Woodridge.

I am so happy to see her be able to get away for a while

this is her first over night trip since her treatments began.

Thanks for all of your prayers for it sure helped answer ours.

As I look above at the Nativity scene, I thank God for giving

us Jesus to help us bear these burdens that enter our lives.


Merry Christmas

and have a Very

Happy 2007

May it bring all

health, happiness and LOVE.




Wayne and Barbara


Christmas pictures linked below.