Up 2008eaa Slideshow

I am ready EAA today
There is so much to see
Boeing Dream Lifter
Really good picture
climbing the stairs
Eve taking a picture of me taking a picture of her
The Honda Jet
Kid adventure
rivoting my name tag
This is fun
Putting in the rivots
My full attention
OH that looks good
Time for Eve to go to work
safety first
Getting the fell of the Gun
Now I can do it my self
It is going good
Drilling the hole for my wings
Putting the wing on my badge
One handed driller
Red Bull in the air
I think I will do a roll
Pull up PULL UP
Preflighting the air frame
Every thing looks good in here
Registration matches Tail number
Larry giving me some tips
Checking out the Flaps
Ryan checking the Ailerons
We found a loose nut
Cable looks loose on the rudder
A briefing in ATC
OH WOW math 600MPH = 10 Mile a minute
OK Eve in control over incoming traffice
An ATC Controller really has to stay alert
How to design an airplane
Eve builts an airplane
We do have FUN at KidAdventure
Just some finishing touches
Lydia helping me finish
Final assembly
Waiting for our ride
a moment of relaxing
I am so excited going for a ride
We are next
Getting closer, I am not afraid
Smile fo the camera....
Here comes the Bell
Keeping my head down
We are buckled in and ready
Can they hurry it a bit
OK it is coming in for Us
I am excited now
This is going to be FUN
Lets get air borne
Pump this thing UP
Getting aboard
Eve wants to Fly it
Hang on it is lift off
That was fun
Here comes Ryan and John
Perfect Landing
Eve and Angie still air borne
Every one has a smile
Post flight debriefing
Left seat - Start enging One
Taxie on out we are going Broder patrol
Grandpa's 70th birthay
All done for Gramps
pretty special
Anybody for a Jet Pack  the Jetsons are coming

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