Here we are another year is almost gone,

with Christmas just around the corner.

Seems I just got done writing last years letter.

So much has happened in the last year and

it all went by so swiftly and yet

at times it seemed in slow motion.


Click on the thumbnails to enlarge pictures

and turn up the volume.


First of all I would like to mention three people

who where very dear to us that passed away in 2009.

Barbara's Uncle Robert A. Pape

17 Apr 1921 - 25 Jan 2009

Sherry's Father

Nicholas and Ambrose's Grandfather

 Lawrence A. Niemeyer

21 Dec 1936 - 29 Jan 2009

Brandon's Mother in law

Giavanna' Grandmother

Lynne Saunders Schibbelhute

04 Aug 1954 - 30 Sep 2009

All three will be missed by all who knew them,

and especially the grand kids who loved them so dearly.

From our Home to your Home we wish you all a

Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



Christmas 2008

Barb's chocolate cherry Mice.


Grandpa's refreshment counter.

Our Charlie Brown tree.

The basement rec/exercise room


Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

Sami with her crown

Barb with her crown


Tony looks very happy


Even Rod wore his head piece


Maria all snug and comfy

Ryan wanting to open presents

Sitting and enjoying the company - don't spill the drink Sami


Evie waiting for Santa's helper to bring her a gift.


Wisconsin January birthday dinner

Tony had to work, you know college is expensive.

A good place to enjoy good seafood.


A great night with family


A super fudge or double fudge treat for the birthdays


Sami found the flatware magnetized.

They use a big magnet to prevent

silverware from going into the disposal.


In March a visit with Giavanna



Making music with the pans was lots of fun

And Grandma's slipper fit just right.



A book and I love this window seat.



Lots of fun reading on the chair.


A friendly woodpecker eating from the feeder.


And a chance to visit my very good friend Rich Ringer

I would have called him my old friend but he isn't old yet.

The Tequila tasted especially good - like OLD times.


Like Love, spring is the time of freshness, with it's beauty


Tulips so red


And Pink


And Yellow


Yes Spring has sprung


Daffodils so bright and inspiring


And then there was the cleaning and

repairing of the Mequon Property.


Two dumpsters this size was removed.


The master bath, see below finished project


The 1/2 Bath with the sub floor gone from water leaks

see below for finished project


Dumpster fodder.


More dumpster fodder


And yet some more -

Thanks to John and Rod, and Tony

 for helping carry this out.


New flooring?

Now how should we do this?



Well watch those windows it hurt.


Sami & Lukas at the lake Virmond Park


The Crew that spent the night from Six Flags


If you look very close you can see Sami and Lukas on the beach.


OK here is part of the Flooring crew

John, Eve, Rod


And the fourth Tony

What a wonderful crew.


Eve is an excellent floor specialist


Rod & Tony eating some of the Stew Gramps made for lunch.



The kitchen completed


The dinning area done


The living room done


The family room done, it really did turn out fantastic.

Thanks to the wonderful help that was given to me.


 The master bath new tub and tile.


The 1/2 bath and Laundry room

new stool and tile


Maria kept Gramps supplied with lots of fruit and veggies


Maria remembering the beach and Virmond park


Maria and Sami on the beach


OK Bella as Mom calls you.


Maria had to draw the palm tree

as they would never grow near this beach.


Angie, Gramps, Maria and Eve


Angie and Maria at the top of the cliff


Angie, Eve, Ryan and Gramps

And Gramps is NOT going to climb down to the beach.

Angie remembers roller skating to the park and

going down to the beach with her skates on



Maria and Ryan - one on one.



Of course Motor Cross

on the Mequon property give you lots of room



Eve the Chef is about to serve Cousin Tony



A little Before look on the outside.


And a little of the After look with

a Bright Yellow Sun Shiny look.

It certainly brightened up the entire house.

Joe and his driver delivered a load of hay from  in New York.


And I was Blessed with a visit from Cousin Joe Stefan

from the New York Clan - What a Wonderful surprise.


And there were trips to Woodridge and a trip to Iowa to join in the retirees luncheon.


Eve proudly displays her

Academic Excellence award for straight "A's"



Ryan moving on up in Scouting


A cold July swim meet for the Sea Lions


The cold don't seem to bother Rybo...



Well maybe it is a little cold...



Eve was keeping warm on this July swim meet.


Ryan doing a relay swim


Even with the Cold the smile is always there,

You Go Girl.


50th Wedding anniversary

A Most wonderful dinner at the Vintage resturant

and a Night at the Hawthrone with a Jacuzzi

Thank you wonderful children


Halloween at the Dygdon's


Ryan counting out his "Take"


Eve coning Ryan out of all his Peanut butter cups.



Gramps and Gary Snook in Iowa


Karen Snook and Barb in Iowa



Retirees Waterloo Sears


Retirees Waterloo Sears


Retirees Waterloo Sears - Oh my do I look that old?


Fishing in Woodridge - Eve - John - Ryan


Look I caught one, actually they kept Gramps busy just taking fish off the hooks.


Great fishing for some great fishermen


The Three Grand Daughters.

Alexandra, Samantha, and Evalina



And we add Brandon and Ryan



Miniature golf at Fondy Sports Center



In addition to his Music, Soccer, Scout and Church

Nicholas joined the Civil Air Patrol a division of the U.S. Air Force.


Nicholas playing soccer in the snow


Nicholas and Ambrose in service to their faith.

Ambrose growing all the time.

We did not get to Kansas in 2009 but hope to

visit with Steve and Sherry and family this January.



A California Trip on Gramps Birthday.



Marie Stefan Kidd met for Breakfast in Denver

What a pleasant visit we had.


Up and Down and every thing Brown

even the "Evergreens are brown" how sad!


To my surprise the roads were a lot steeper in Utah


We did not stop but yes we did go through Vegas.


The Hoover Dam bypass bridge under construction

When completed all of the cables will be removed.


Brandon and Gramps at the Hoover Dam


In the middle of the Mojave Desert


California has everything even a Shoe tree


This Princess really loves to read books.


At Gramps' birthday party singing happy birthday



Of course every birthday there has to be Ice Cream.


Brandon and Princess Giavanna


Look Gramps I can drink straight from the bottle



Reading a book - her favorite thing to do.



Eating at the Carrousel restaurant in Twenty-nine-Palms




Checking her blood pressure, she loves opening gifts.


Brandon and Giavanna at home.




Corrie working on his computer, he is stationed at the Marine Base

in Twenty Nine Palms, California.


A welcome back to the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Samantha - Tony


A bench in front of Sami's Dorm

Barb, Angie, Ryan, Eve, Sami and Lukas.



In the pool at the Motel


Eve jumping off Lukas' back


Ryan standing on Lukas' back


Ryan getting a flip from Lukas


Maria and Angie enjoying the Hot Tub


Angie, Ryan and Eve checking in for their flight back to Chicago



There they are off to the runway,

we drove from Wausau back to

Stevens Point and they were back

in Chicago before we were back in Stevens Point.



A few old pictures converted to digital.


This was the view out of the

airplane window back then - No jets yet.



Maria, Christian, and Steven 1965


Maria and Steven 1965


Steven with Pa's boots on 1963



Steven and Barb 1962



Steven and Wayne at St Michaels Hospital 1962

Steve had inhaled an eye from a

stuffed animal and it caught in his throat



Giving Steve a "butch" cut



Wayne and Maria - look I can fly


Barb and Maria sitting in the Ole Rocker

My next project to restore.




Steven helping Nanna decorate the Tree at Mequon.



Well if you want to know where Angela learned

how to make pretty and unique birthday cakes -

wonder no more her Mom started her out a long time ago.

Each of the dolls in the back ground were dressed with frosting.


Steve with a very special cake of the Camp Ground


Here is Maria, Steven, Angela,

Grampa Jack and Nanna Tess

with Christian standing back on the porch


And here is Christian, Wayne, Bandi the dog,

Steven, Angela, Barbara, and Maria.



Phil and Vivian Damico,

with Angela on Phil's lap,

and Grandma Tess

Phil was Angie's Godfather






Sponsors Phil Damico and Mary Ellen Brzezinski

hold Angela as the priest Baptizes her.


And now a little restoring of the past.


Two old chairs from days gone by

and I am in the process of doing a very old child's rocker

with another rocker still at the Mequon property to be done.




As we enjoy this winter wonderland



with the snow piled high and sparkling like Diamonds



A perfect Christmas season is upon us


The Deer Frolic in the back yard AS:



The Princess leads us in Song

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Love Wayne and Barbara