Indian oral transitions

Akela tells of Indian life before and after the White man came to Indian lands.

The Class listens closely to the stories and cultures of the early Indians.

The Peace pipe was a way of showing trust and sealing an agreement.

And the stories go on.

A double trailer War bonnet worn by the Chief of the tribe.

This Indian bonnet was made for the Order of the Arrow Lodge 450

This headdress was for Chief Akela 

Here is a head band for the Indian Princess Grand daughter of Chief Akelas

Sami was nine years old in the 4th grade when we put on these oral transitions

Samantha explaining the beadwork art.

Trails End

Telling the stories of the American Indian, Sami reading the outline


A copy of the Indian Prayer


Sami and Gramps ending the session - The class did not want it to end.

A few of the students trying on the headdresses

All three of the headresses were hand made by Akela's Oldest son who is an Eagle Scout